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The Truth about weight loss & the Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet is one of the newest and most hotly talked about diet trends that has hit the country in years. It seems like everywhere you go on social media or in the “real world”, at least someone you know has an amazing success story involving Keto. What about you?

What's inside the book?

A Brief Intro to the Ketogenic Diet - Pros & Cons

The Ketogenic Diet is one of the newest and most hotly talked about dieting trends that has hit the country in years…

What Kinds of Foods Are Keto-Friendly?

In this section, you will know what you can and more importantly cannot eat on the Ketogenic Diet takes a bit of time to master.

The Last Word on Keto: Worth the Trouble?

The Ketogenic Diet is a proven method for dropping weight over time and helping individuals reduce their risk of specific…

A Deeper Dive into the Ketogenic Diet

You’ve probably heard the Ketogenic Diet referred to in a couple of different ways – the Keto Diet, low carb diet…

What’s Great About the Ketogenic Diet?

The Ketogenic Diet might be relatively new to the dieting scene, but advocates claim that following this meal plan is great for…

Slim Down & Bulk Up – Easier, Faster, & Smarter

If you want to quickly melt away body fat & improve your muscle tone, discover better, faster, and smarter options out there.

What are the different types of Keto Diets?

Like almost every other diet, Keto has a number of variations that can make it easier to adapt to depending on…

Where Does the Ketogenic Diet Come Up Short?

Despite the variety of benefits that Ketogenic enthusiasts claim, there are a number of downfalls of this diet as well…


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